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"We strive to make our studio a place where dancers and parents feel welcome while providing the best possible education to each of our students".

Accelerated Program

We invite students with talent, commitment, and good team spirit to participate in our accelerated dance classes. All students in this program must be enrolled in Ballet classes and be prepared to partake in exams. These students will compete in festivals held in and around Alberta and Saskatchewan. The accelerated program is designed for the student who wants to be pushed and likes achieving set goals. 


Why Take Exams?


We believe that exams are the best life lessons.  The earlier we start, the better it is for our children!

Exam students must take responsibility for their practice, which only makes them stronger, more confident, more skilled.  

Exams give students a specific goal and target to hit. 



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      Goal setting is important to your children because:

  • Purpose. Having a strong sense of purpose boosts self-belief and can improve your child's confidence. It is something meaningful and worthwhile to aim for.
  • Focus. Having a goal in life helps them make better decisions.
  • Motivation. It gives them motivation in life, because the goals are meaningful and personal to your child, they’ll want to achieve them. Having goals in life gives you the motivation and the energy to keep going.
  • Kids who have dreams (goals) – whether sporting or academic or even personal ones – will do better in life than kids with no plan at all. It is important we teach our children the necessity of goal setting and how to actually do it. 

    Children are naturally great goal-setters. They just call them dreams. They see the heroic acts of Firefighters or the exciting world of the jet pilot and that's what they want to be 'when they grow up'. This is the beginning of goal setting. As adults we should try to encourage and develop these early ideas into the powerful belief that they can go for the big idea and that it will happen if they work for it.


Exams teach students to study.  "Little goals are the best way to get kids moving toward big goals," says Jim Wiltens, a leadership-training instructor in the San Francisco-area schools. "Meeting a goal gives kids an incredible surge of energy." 

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